Prenatal Visits

Pregnancy can be both exciting and terrifying.  There are so many unknowns as new parents look to the future.  You will be starting a family of your own and there will be lots of decisions to make.  One of the important decisions will be which health care provider to use for your newborn.  We hope to help make that decision easier.

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Same Day Visits

When your child is sick, it is our goal to see your child on the same day you call. Please call as soon as you know you would like your child to be seen.  We are a small clinic so we cannot answer every call when it comes in.  If you leave us a message, we will call you back with an appointment as soon as we can.  Some times we experience a high volume of calls—like on Monday mornings or during flu season.

Newborns & Infants

Once a baby is born, he or she will need a doctor of her own.  We hope you will make Best Start Pediatrics your baby’s medical home.  When your baby is discharged from the hospital, give us a call to schedule the first appointment.

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After Hours

Our clinic is opened M-F from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  After hours we have a telephone service for urgent calls.  These calls will go to a pediatric nurse who can be reached by calling the clinic.  We ask that these calls be reserved for concerns that cannot wait until the next morning or business day.  The nurse can access the on-call provider if needed or direct you as to whether your child should be seen right away at an urgent care or emergency room.

Reach Out & Read
Children & Adolescents

At Best Start, we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended schedule for well child exams and vaccinations. (AAP Schedule) We think is it crucial to see our patients regularly for well checks to establish a strong relationship with your child and family.

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Non-Emergent Questions

Our clinic is not an emergency room and is not set up for life-threatening emergencies.  If your child has a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 or take your child to the emergency room.  There is a pediatric emergency room at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  For non-emergent questions about your child you can call the clinic at 479-575-9359 and select option #2.  These calls will be returned on the same day within a few hours.

Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit started in Pediatrician’s offices.  The purpose of ROAR is to educate about the importance of reading and early literacy. Best Start Pediatrics is proud to be a ROAR Clinic.  Part of the program involves the provider sharing a book with children at some of their well checks.  It is a joy to be able to give a book to a baby or young child.  It’s a heartwarming way for us to connect with our patients.

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... We welcome the chance to meet expecting parents.  We offer a free visit to our clinic with an opportunity to sit down one on one with Dr. Averitt and ask your questions.  These visits usually last 10-15 minutes.  We typically schedule them first thing in the afternoon before the clinic gets busy with our afternoon appointments.  Most prospective parents come in to meet us during their third trimester, but anytime during pregnancy is fine.  We are also happy to meet with parents who are adopting.  This is a great opportunity to locate the clinic, meet the staff, ask your questions, pick up new patient paperwork and make sure Best Start Pediatrics is a good fit for your family.  Please call the office to schedule your prenatal visit today!


... This appointment usually occurs when the baby is 3-5 days old.  At our first visit we will be gathering information about your pregnancy, delivery, family and social circumstances, and addressing your concerns.  We will be assessing your baby’s weight and hydration and checking for jaundice.  We are very supportive of your feeding plan and hope to help you successfully breast feed.

During infancy we will see your baby for several regular visits.  We have a schedule of well check ups that will allow us to make sure your baby is growing and developing well.  These occur at intervals that correlate with the vaccine schedule so that vaccines can be provided at these visits when indicated.  We understand that vaccinations can create lots of anxiety for patients and their families.  Our providers are very knowledgeable about vaccines and are happy to discuss any concerns you have.  Our medical staff has lots of experience administering vaccines.  (attach vaccine schedule)

If we find there are problems with nutrition, development or other areas of health, we will plan appropriate referrals.  These often include specialists or therapists.  It is our goal to make sure your child will receive the necessary services to have a full and healthy life.  Be sure to discuss any concerns with your child’s provider.


... During the first two and half years these visits occur every few months.  Starting at age 3 these checkups should occur once a year around the child’s birthdate.  Once kids are in school it may be more convenient to schedule these visits during the summer.  If your child needs a sports or camp physical, please bring these with you for the well child exam.  If your child has had a checkup in the past year, we are happy to fill these forms out for you at a later date.  Please allow 2-3 business days for these to be filled and signed.

We are often asked how long children should continue to see a pediatrician as they get older.  Some teens love to continue seeing us while others feel we are “baby doctors.” We hope our clinic environment will help them feel comfortable coming to see us.  We are happy to see patients in our clinic until they graduate from high school.  The summer before college we can perform a college physical if needed.  

Well check ups are typically scheduled days to weeks in advance.  Please give us ample to time to schedule your child’s appointment by calling ahead.  We try to open up our schedule at least 3 months out.  We can often schedule your child’s next well exam when you are in the office.  We also set up reminders in the computer, so you will receive a text, call or email when it is time to schedule your next visit.


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